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・Game text translation (Chinese→Japanese)
・Proofreading of translated game texts (Japanese)
・Translation of game-related documents (Chinese→Japanese)
・Business document translation (Chinese→Japanese)
I have academic background in science (chemistry) and so I can also handle technical documents upon consultation.

Translator profile

・Living in Tokyo, Japan
・Born in 1994
・Graduated from The University of Tokyo and The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences master course
・When I was a master student, I studied in Nanjing, China.
・I worked for a foreign chemical manufacturer (in Japan and Suzhou, China), I worked as an in-house translator for a Japanese game company.
・I do translation job while working for a manufacturer 3 days a week.
・I am learning at ISS Institute Chinese translator training course, which is a famous translator/interpreter training institute in Japan.
Link: プロ通訳者・翻訳者の養成学校/ISSインスティテュート | 通訳者・翻訳者の養成学校 (

・HSK grade 6 (score 240/300)
・TOEIC score 900
・EIKEN Grade Pre-1 (A Japanese domestic English qualification test, the highest grade is 1)
・I completed the basic course (the first semester, half a year) of ISS Institute Chinese translator training course.

Track record

  • Chinse⇔Japanese translation/interpretation
    • Interpretation for the introduction of a new equipment made in China to Japan
    • Creation of a Japanese version of an in-house training video in Chinese (subtitling)
    • Liaison and meeting interpretation with Japanese suppliers when working for a manufacturer in China
    • Translation of technical documents
    • Translation of books for children (Chinese to Japanese)
    • Translation of e-mails (Chinese to Japanese)
    • Translation of e-book cartoons (Chinese to Japanese)
    • Translation of in-game texts and internal documents
  • English⇔Japanese translation
    • Translation of product introduction websites, catalogs, and reports for external use for the Japanese branch of a foreign manufacturer.
  • Episode
    • I am in charge of translating Chinese e-mails to Japanese. Chinese e-mails are less formal compared to Japanese ones. I try my best to ensure smooth communication by using correct honorific expressions(敬语)considering the differences in business customs. My boss is satisfied with my work and have been giving me the job for more than one year.